Production Services

We can suggest the best suited locations for your film and we shall be happy to take you on a recce on the locations best suited to your script. On the other hand we could also do a recce independently and send you photographs and video of the probable locations which you can choose from and short list for your final recce


Casting: To assist in your talent hunt proper casting for your project is ensured by our experienced casing Directors


Hiring of Crew and Professionals: the crew work with us on a regular basis, Each individual crew member has worked in numerous international projects and is aware of the modes of functioning and exigencies of the international productions. We can therefore put together an entire crew comprising of thorough professionals at a very short notice


Technical Equipment: We have excellent relationship with various Studios in different regions of the country providing sound stages and outdoor locations, as well as Camera, Grip, Electric and Rigging Equipment, Lab and Editing facilities at the best prices along with the best technical support in the country


Indirect Services and Support: Our relation with companies providing Services to the production has grown over the years to one of trust and efficiency. This experience has helped them understand the requirements of the international productions, moulding them to be in complete readiness for any requirements

We therefore can boast of providing complete solution for your productions