There are certain commonalities between commercials and ads. Both types of advertising typically follow the AIDA principle, which stands for attention, interest, desire and action. Companies often get people's attention with songs and noises in commercials. Similarly, strong headings or pictures may be used to attract attention in ads. Subsequently, both commercials and ads are designed to build interest and desire by allowing people to envision themselves using the products or services. And companies usually end their commercials and ads by prompting people to action. For example, a company advertising by television commercial may state that supplies are limited. This entices the consumer to get to the store right away. Those using ads may employ similar tactics, or provide coupons with deadlines as incentives to act quickly

Content creators at our company are able to provide a detailed plan before beginning work, so that our clients know what they can expect at the end of the project, all of which highlights the importance of commercials